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About Paul

Paul is a TESOL-Certified English Communication Coach and educational Content Creator. He grew up in Miami Beach, has a degree in audiovisual media and communication, and earlier in his career, worked as a television writer and producer. In his free time, he enjoys running, music and journeying into fascinating worlds via stories.

But stories are much more than something he enjoys in his free time. Paul believes stories are the most powerful form of communication. So powerful they can transform any message, vision or experience into something meaningful and memorable. TED Talks are a perfect example of this. Imagine if most business communication had this power, this energy.

That is why he created an English Coaching program called Storylingo. It’s a story-based approach to English communication that has allowed him to help hundreds of professionals and job candidates from all over the world achieve their business communication goals in English.



Paul is a very good teacher and a real expert in his field. He successfully prepared me for job interviews and communicating with colleagues in English. He has excellent theoretical knowledge, his own teaching methods and a vast experience of preparing students of different levels. He is also a person with whom it is always interesting and nice to communicate. Paul earns my highest recommendation.

Vladimir (Russia)

Thank you for this productive session Paul. You were very nice during our course and really gave me great suggestions for my job interview.

Robin (China)

With Paul, I was able to focus on my specific needs, which at that moment were preparing myself for job interviews in English. After a while I was more confident. Paul helped me a lot, giving me good tips and exercises to practice.” (Marcela was hired by a multinational company in Indonesia)

Marcela (Brazil)

I was admitted to that business school… Thank you very much for your so professional help. I am 100 percent sure that I would not do this without you. (MBA student)

Irina - Ukraine

I've had the pleasure of knowing Paul for 10 years, during which we ran several language training courses for executives together. I have always been impressed with his ability to design creative and modern didactic tools which make his lessons not only useful but fun for his students.
Above this, Paul is a charismatic and outstanding trainer who has shown excellent classroom management skills and developed a rapport with students and colleagues as well.
I strongly recommend him for delivering any type of language training programs which require strong American culture and business background.

Yamila (Argentina)

One hour of conversation with you it feels like 5 minutes. I believe this a sign of a great teacher. Paul, thank you for helping me to tell my story!
Yul (Romania / Austria)
Paul is such a lively and pleasant person! I had never thought that 30 minutes can be so short. I'm looking forward to the next lesson! Thanks Paul.

Sindy (Germany)