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Paul has over a decade of experience in delivering fun and very practical Business English workshops at leading organizations. 

Unlike regular courses, his Workshops are only a few hours, sometimes broken down into sessions. Paul delivers workshops live as well as online, via Google Hangout and Zoom. The following workshops are currently available for groups or individuals and others can be developed upon request.

For more information about Paul's effective and dynamic workshops, contact him at

Presentations That Rock

Do you need to deliver a really good presentation in English? Are you worried your audience might get bored? Well, there's another way to go about it. Tell it like a story. 

Learn how to integrate the topic and content of your presentation to the engaging style of narrative structure. If you learn this method well-enough, in time you'll use it everywhere you need to introduce a new idea.

Maximizing Meetings

Do you need to participate in meetings in English? Would you like to improve your English so you can participate more? 

Learn the language structures and strategies for optimizing meetings in an English-speaking business world. Learn to state your opinion, politely debate differences and present new ideas. Feel confident and grow professionally in a place of high visibility... meetings.

Conference Call Confidence

Do you participate in conference calls in English? When you're in a conference call, do you feel afraid to participate or lack the English skills to participate more?

Learn how to gain control or be an ideal participant of a complex conference call in today's global business environment where participants speak English, but come from many different countries.