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Paul has over a decade of experience in delivering fun and very practical Business English workshops at leading organizations, and also as an international EFL teacher-trainer. 

In a global context where online learning has become predominant, Paul offers webinars on a variety of subjects for both audiences.

Paul delivers his webinars via Zoom. The following webinars are currently available for groups or individuals.

For more information about Paul's webinars or to consult about other topics, contact him at


For English-speaking professionals.

This program is designed to help intermediate and above English speakers connect with audiences in through the use of storytelling.

Ideal for those who need to master job interviews and presentations

To persuade or call an audience to action, there is no better tool than storytelling. Learn the secrets of how to deliver a great story in English.

Biz Talk

For Business English learners

A practical  English communication approach for impromptu situations in business. Learn to deliver a clear message on the fly when you don't have time to plan.

Ideal for meetings or conversations any time.


Digital Storytelling in the EFL Classroom

For EFL teachers.

Improve your students' ability to communicate and collaborate in English as you foster their creativity.

Following a simple template, you can teach your students to create or retell amazing stories.


How to Easily Create VIDEO Content for EFL Students

For EFL teachers.

Learn how making videos has changed, and how to easily create video content for your students.

Also learn how to turn your video content into an engaging learning experience.

Digital Teaching Techniques

For Teachers of any subject

Take your classroom into the 21st century, as you learn about the best way to optimize the latest technologies for classroom management, and video conferencing, as well as supplementary digital tools that bring your class to life in the "new normal" of 2020 and beyond.

(Available in English and Spanish)