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Educational Videos for English Learners

As an independent writer and producer with years of experience in film, television and advertising (Endemol, Sony, Warner Brothers), I also produce educational videos.

My approach is to make educational content original and engaging. As a bonus, I am fully bilingual (Spanish-English)


Idiomatic Inc | A comedy about idiomatic English presented by Gallery Languages

Idiomatic Inc is a sitcom style story where students can learn idiomatic expressions, phrasal verbs, collocations, slang and proverbs.


Hit The Road, Paul | How to talk about driving in English

Learn over 80 idioms, phrasal verbs, collocations and speaking patterns in context as you join Paul for a drive downtown recorded in real-time. Includes: 4 Videos, 4 Study Guides and 4 Quizzes


English in Context | How to talk different topics in English

Improve your English in Context by learning to talk about specific topics.


Performance & Voice Talent

Being in front of the camera or behind the microphone requires experience and attitude to overcome fear and go the distance. I've got both.

I engage performance with the full range of my skills as an actor, teacher, and communicator. And of course, I enjoy the process.