Story Paul English


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Engaging Media Production

I come from the professional world of media production, with international experience in film, television and advertisement.

But I love the challenge of putting the engaging resources of audiovisual media to the service of education. It is without a doubt, one of the transformational drivers of education in the 21st century.

In this field, I offer a variety of services which combine with one another or go alone. As a bonus, I am fully bilingual (Spanish-English)

Educational Scripting

As a professional scriptwriter, I bring a skillset uncommon in educational media production. Engaging storytelling.

If you need an educational production to stand above the rest, then you need a good story. It doesn't matter what you're teaching.

21st Century learners expect no less. And that's no story.

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Video Production

I have produced audiovisual content for Warner Brothers,  Endemol, and Disney, to name a few. 

My experience as director and producer, complemented by a competent team of editors and designers are the guarantee of high value production.

I am an official media partner of the London-based Gallery Languages.

Performance & Voice Talent

Being in front of the camera or behind the microphone requires experience and attitude to overcome fear and go the distance. I've got both.

I engage performance with the full range of my skills as an actor, teacher, and communicator. And of course, I enjoy the process.

Teacher Reviews of My Videos for English Learners

"Story Paul, with this one you've taken things to a whole new level. It's truly OUT of the WORLD! Magnificent, groundbreaking work, brother." -  Jason R Levine (aka Fluency MC)

"Thanks Paul, well thought out and produced, happy to share! " - Cleona Patterson (eFluentEnglish)

"What an ingenious series, Paul. Love it. Good luck with it and congratulations."

"Get a tattoo before you start barking up the wrong tree ;O)  Find out about this idiom with Paul from Idiomatic Inc." -  Peter Bothe