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Spanish Lessons

Do you need to learn or practice Spanish? Paul —who comes from an Argentine family— is fully bilingual, meaning he speaks and writes native level Español, but of course also speaks native level English, when required. Paul also holds as Bachelor's degree from the University of Buenos Aires, one the leading Spanish-speaking universities in the world. Join him for online Spanish lessons today. ¿Qué esperas?


Master the art of conversation in Spanish. I will show you how to master the speaking patterns of native Spanish speakers. Find out more about GOING LIVE with me here.

Interviews & Presentations 

Join me for One-on-One Online Spanish coaching designed for anyone who needs to attend a job interview or make a presentation in SpanishFind out more about GOING LIVE with me here.

Group Coaching

You and a group of friends or colleagues join me for Online Spanish coaching personalized to the group's needs.  Find out more about GOING LIVE with me here.

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