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About Paul

Paul is an Argentine American EFL teacher and coach. He grew up in Miami Beach, Florida. When he was kid, his family worked in the travel industry, so he witnessed firsthand how languages and language learning worked in the real world. After getting his degree in film and media, Paul began a career in film and television production as a writer and producer.

He produced reality TV and directed commercials for big names like Endemol and Sony. But eventually, the wear and tear of that industry sent him in the direction of television production for science and education. He produced educational training materials for both Microsoft and Google. This happened as he began training in Buenos Aires to become a TEFL. Soon afterward, he began working in the field of English as a Foreign Language.

Initially, he coached professionals in business environments, but overtime began teaching high school and college students as well. He also gained experience training language teachers in the use of educational technology. Through the years, he was able to blend his early multicultural experience with his background in media and pair that up with the needs of EFL. He developed a contextual learning approach based on the timeless principles of storytelling.

As internet broadband became a global reality, Paul set a course toward online education. He taught for several of the leading online English schools. And then in 2014, he decided to launch StoryPaul.coman online hub for EFL learning, Business English coaching, and engaging videos for EFL learners.

Paul has produced educational videos for Gallery Languages and is the country representative for English Attack in Argentina.


Paul is such a lively and pleasant person! I had never thought that 30 minutes can be so short. I'm looking forward to the next lesson! Thanks Paul.

Sindy (Germany)

One hour of conversation with you it feels like 5 minutes. I believe this a sign of a great teacher. Paul, thank you for helping me to tell my story!
Yul (Romania / Austria)

I was admitted to that business school… Thank you very much for your so professional help. I am 100 percent sure that I would not do this without you. (MBA student)

Irina - Ukraine

Thank you for this productive session Paul. You were very nice during our course and really gave me great suggestions for my job interview.

Robin (China)

With Paul, I was able to focus on my specific needs, which at that moment were preparing myself for job interviews in English. After a while I was more confident. Paul helped me a lot, giving me good tips and exercises to practice.” (Marcela was hired by a multinational company in Indonesia)

Marcela (Brazil)