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Online Coaching

Want to improve your English? Join me for online coaching sessions via Google Hangout, Skype, Zoom or QQ. My sessions are fun and effective! 

English learners can choose from one-on-One by focusing on very defined objectives. Or they can choose Groups sessions, ideal for like-minded learners who need practice speaking in group situations.

One-one-One Coaching

Join me for One-on-One Online English coaching via Google Hangout, Skype, Zoom, or QQ. Sessions are personalized to the student's level, needs and objectives. 

Students decide the focus (work, study, travel, other). I design a proposal and manage the delivery and evaluation. Find out more about GOING LIVE with me here.

Group Coaching

You and a group of friends or colleagues can join me via Google Hangout to participate in dynamic conversation activities based on different agreed topics. 

One member of the group can contact me so we can coordinate goals and schedule. Find out more about GOING LIVE with me here.

SIGN UP for Online Coaching with me here.

Get an OVERVIEW of Online Coaching with me here.

SIGN UP for Online Coaching with me here.

GET an Overview of
Online Coaching with 
me here.

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