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About Paul

I grew up in Miami Beach, Florida, grandson of an Argentine airline executive. So I not only grew up in two languages, but traveling and meeting people from all over the world. Years later, after getting my Bachelor’s Degree in Audiovisual Media, I began a career in film and television production as writer and producer. It was fun for a while, but after years of working in multilingual environments, I drifted back to the world of languages. 

Eventually, I gravitated toward educational media. This happened as I moved to Buenos Aires where I trained as a TEFL and actively began working in the field of English as a Foreign Language. Initially, I trained professionals in business environments, but overtime began teaching high school and college students as well. Additionally, I had a knack for training language teachers in the use of educational technology.

Through the years, I developed a contextual teaching methodology based on the timeless principles of storytelling. As internet broadband became a global reality, I set a course toward online education. I've taught for several of the leading online English schools. One day, I decided to run my own show and that is how came to be. Today I teach students from all over the world, deliver Business English workshops at leading organizations and produce engaging English videos for English learners. 


Paul is such a lively and pleasant person! I had never thought that 30 minutes can be so short. I'm looking forward to the next lesson! Thanks Paul.

Sindy (Germany)

One hour of conversation with you it feels like 5 minutes. I believe this a sign of a great teacher. Paul, thank you for helping me to tell my story!
Yul (Romania / Austria)

I was admitted to that business school… Thank you very much for your so professional help. I am 100 percent sure that I would not do this without you. (MBA student)

Irina - Ukraine

Thank you for this productive session Paul. You were very nice during our course and really gave me great suggestions for my job interview.

Robin (China)

With Paul, I was able to focus on my specific needs, which at that moment were preparing myself for job interviews in English. After a while I was more confident. Paul helped me a lot, giving me good tips and exercises to practice.” (Marcela was hired by a multinational company in Indonesia)

Marcela (Brazil)